Coldwell Banker Mortgage - Mortgage information, interest rates, mortgage calculators, quick-and-easy pre-qualification forms, and much more.


Home Improvement

Home Depot - All your Home Improvement needs and wants! Find them here!



Mapquest – Find maps, driving directions, road trip planner, and information on your road trip needs.


Relocation Links

Ocean City Real Estate - Yahoo! Real Estate offers a wealth of information to help with every aspect of your move

Official City Websites - find area info websites across the world!

US State Departments of Education - see the list of all 50 states

USPS' Movers Guide - help for planning and executing your move



State Dept. of Education – See school reports, statistics, demographics, and more.


Tax Information

First-time homeowners

Homeowner deductions information

How to report moving expenses

Selling your home


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